League level: Second Tier - Finland Finland
Number of teams: 12 teams
Players: 310
Orang Asing: 64 Pemain  20.6%
ø-Market value: 36 k €
ø-Age: 23.9

Table Ykkönen 2021

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Table Ykkönen
#Kelab WDLGoals+/-Pts
Rovaniemen Palloseura 22126439:251442
Turun Palloseura 22117432:181440
Vaasan Palloseura 22116539:271239
FF Jaro 2297631:24734
Ekenäs IF 2286840:33730
IF Gnistan 22931030:31-130
Pallokerho-35 2286826:30-430
Kokkolan Pallo-Veikot 2278726:25129
Mikkelin Palloilijat 2267929:35-625
JIPPO Joensuu 22631315:28-1321
Musan Salama 2249922:41-1921
HJK Klubi 04 Helsinki 22621426:38-1220
Championship round Playoffs (relegation)

Days as table leaders Ykkönen 2021

Kelab Leads Earliest and most recent day as table leaders
Rovaniemen Palloseura 9 3matchday 22matchday
IF Gnistan 7 1matchday 14matchday
Ekenäs IF 3 4matchday 6matchday
FF Jaro 2 7matchday 8matchday
Vaasan Palloseura 1 2matchday