Jani Laaksonen
Jani Laaksonen
Date of Birth: 07.09.1986 in Turku  Finland
Age: 35
Citizenship: Finland  Finland
residence: Jyväskylä
1st league debut: 27.04.2014
Club: Unknown
Appearances: 5
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This page displays the referee's record by club. It lists the results each club achieved with this referee, and how many cards and penalties were awarded to it and its opponents.

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wappenKelab WDL    
Ilves Tampere32103
Kuopion Palloseura32224
Rovaniemen Palloseura33003
FC Lahti27122
SJK Seinäjoki39110
Vaasan Palloseura34001
AC Oulu25313
FF Jaro34122
JIPPO Joensuu28100
FC Haka18002
IFK Mariehamn21000
FC KTP27004
FC Inter Turku28102
JJK Jyväskylä10001
Turun Palloseura7100
Kokkolan Pallo-Veikot20101
Helsinki IFK19000
Mikkelin Palloilijat23000
Ekenäs IF19002
AC Kajaani16132
HJK Helsinki18000
FC Honka14102
PS Kemi Kings21201
Musan Salama11013