A-pojat SM-sarja
A-pojat SM-sarja
League level: Youth league - Finland Finland
Number of teams: 20 teams
Players: 535
Orang Asing: 12 Pemain  2.2%
ø-Market value: 0 k €
ø-Age: 17.9
Most valuable player: Niilo Puustinen  10 k €
Total Market Value:
20 k €

Table Qualifying group A 2022

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Table Qualifying group A
#Kelab WDLGoals+/-Pts
Hämeenlinnan Jalkapalloseura U19 17131346:301640
Kaarinan Pojat U19 17111541:251631
Grankulla IFK U19 1791733:25828
Turun Palloseura U19 1783633:24926
Ilves Tampere U19 1782737:31626
FC Inter Turku U19 17611028:41-1319
SexyPöxyt U19 1762943:42117
Lohjan Pallo U19 17331122:44-2212
Åbo IFK U19 17311321:52-3110
IFK Mariehamn U19 961219:9100
Table Qualifying group B
#Kelab WDLGoals+/-Pts
Atlantis FC U19 18121560:213937
HJK Helsinki U19 18113437:211636
Kuopion Palloseura U19 18105333:191435
FC Honka U19 18110745:261933
FC Reipas Lahti U19 18102654:262832
Vantaan Jalkapalloseura U19 1893646:311530
PPJ Helsinki U19 1875636:31526
IF Gnistan U19 18521130:49-1917
Käpylän Pallo U19 18401418:54-3612
Koivukylän Palloseura U19 1801178:89-811

Point deductions

Kaarinan Pojat U19Kaarinan U19: 3 Punkt

Turun Palloseura U19TPS U19: 1 Punkt

SexyPöxyt U19Pöxyt U19: 3 Punkt

IFK Mariehamn U19Mariehamn U19: 19 Punkt